Somdatta Sen

'Guitar Girl' of Bollywood

Somdatta is fondly known as the "Guitar Girl" of Bollywood.

She has been playing the Acoustic and Lead guitar for over 10 years now. Learnt from famous jazz maestro Carlton Kitto.. and the Guitar Guru Sanjay Divecha.

In her earlier days, Somdatta has been an alumni artist of famous STM company from Kolkata. Worked in 2 albums.. first big stage appearance was odia music award in 2013 (silver music award). Worked with many reality show perfomers. Shared stages with many famous musicians like shyamraj ji(saxophonist), suresh Iyer(guitarist), been an integral part of many female bands in the country.

She has also been an important element of various senior bands who perform for Reality Shows like SaReGaMa, Indian Idol, ARRived and more

Recent work- performance with Rajkumar Rizvi ( the only Indian student of mehdi hasan ji) , and his daughter neha Rizvi... Famous international Buddhism singer pawa( who has received best singer award from internationally famous spiritual musical council)

She has been mentoring young guitar aspirants and teaching nuances of professional Guitar playing. Also being a part of Corporate Musical contests and talent hunts. 

Acoustic Guitar Basics

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

10 Sessions

Acoustic Guitar Basics (English)

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  • Wed, 27-Jan-2021
    Rajat Test
    Best teacher with lot of experience amazing personalty well known about industry

Session (10)

  1. Guitar Basics
    1. 1. Know your Guitar
    2. 2. Finger Exercises for Guitar Playing
    3. 3. Basic Chords Theory - Part 1
    4. 4. Learn Songs by Chords - Part 1
    5. 5. Basic Chords Theory - Part 2
    6. 6. Learn Songs by Chords - Part 2
    7. 7. Strumming Patterns - 1
    8. 8. Strumming Patterns - 2
    9. 9. Full Shape Chords
    10. 10. Major & Minor Scales Practice