“The Masters” brings to you a unique global platform to perform online for professional like:

·         Singers (solo or bands)

·         Sufi, Folk, Ghazal Singers

·         Dancers (solo or troupes)

·         Standup Comedy

·         Mentalism & Magic performances

·         Training programs

·         Fitness sessions

·         Yoga Classes

·         Dance Classes

·         Painting Workshops

·         Motivational talks,

·         Spiritual Talks

·         Mentoring sessions,

·         Life coaching sessions,

·         Image Consulting sessions and much more.


Our Online Performance platform has several latest features where you can setup your online performance (live or pre-recorded), setup your preferred price of tickets (India and International pricing), promote on your network and social media, perform online for your audience with ease.


We just charge you a basic fee to use our platform and payment gateway, collect the performance ticket fees on your behalf and transfer the amount to you after your event has been successfully executed.


Get freedom from finding expensive venues, performing for free on social media platforms or looking out for event avenues with companies and weddings.  Now you can perform live for a global audience with ease and also make the audience pay for your performance with simple steps on our hi-tech platform.


If you wish to perform online on “The Masters” or conduct any training/coaching/mentoring program for your audience, send us the following details on


Your Name

·         Name of Band or Performance

·         Type of Performing Art

·         Date of Performance

·         Time of Performance

·         Ticket Fees for India

·         Ticket Fees for International audience in USD

·         High resolution performance image or flyer

·         Youtube video link of your showreel or performance promo


Email us and you can be online immediately, our artist management team will connect with you instantly and take your event online.


Feel free to ask for more clarification on the above email ID.