Ameya Naik

Renowned Percussionist and Musician

Ameya Naik is an ace music composer and a percussionist. He has composed music for various commercials, songs, feature films, animation films, games etc..  He has his own studio in mumbai where he produces and records his music. In the field of percussions, he has learnt Tabla for 12 years and later he used all his tabla knowledge in playing various percussion instruments of the world. His main instrument now being the Djmebe. Ameya has played the Djembe, darbuka and cajon with leading artists of the indian music industry like Neeti Mohan, Shankar Mahadevan, Mame Khan, Arijit Singh and more.. 

Learn the art of play the African Djembe from one of the best percussionists of the Industry.  His easy to learn and grasp techniques will make you a proficient Djembe Player in no time.  A unique MasterClass exclusively on The Masters. 

African Djembe

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

9 Sessions

African Djembe (English & hindi)

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Session (9)

  1. African Djembe Basics
    1. 1. Origin of African Djembe
    2. 2. Structure & Tones of Djembe
    3. 3. Simple African Patterns & Variations
    4. 4. Patterns & Time Signature
    5. 5. Adding Tabla Styles to Djembe
    6. 6. Complex Patterns & Syncopation
    7. 7. Live Performance VS Studio Recording
    8. 8. Playing in a Band
    9. 9. Djembe & Darbuka