Alex Ostapenko

Create Music with Body Parts

Alex Ostapenko – multi-instrumentalist, percussionist, rhythm teacher, drum circle facilitator, clip maker, traveler, programmer, writer.

Vlada Kotorskaya – dancer, co-creator, wife, muse, best student, and beautiful soul.

Alex Ostapenko started his musical journey in 2004 by learning Middle Eastern oriental percussion: darbuka, riqq, frame drums. He toured with various bands and shows in different countries across Europe, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. Throughout this time, he learned new techniques and approaches to rhythm from masters in Turkey, India, Europe, and Latin America.

Since 2013, Alex has been passionate about body drumming. To master this art, he traveled to Spain, Brazil, France, Greece, Italy, and Germany. With his students, he participated in the International Body Music Festival, Body Rhythm Festival in Hamburg, and more.

Since 2017, Alex has been constantly creating various online courses, teaching all music lovers, educators, and other interested individuals the Art of Rhythm.

In his art, Alex uses: darbuka, riqq, frame drums, cajon, flutes, didgeridoo, handpan, asalato, body percussion, konnakol, electronic drums, looper, and more.

The union of Alex and Vlada created another artistic entity called “Rhythmic Couple.” It’s a duo that combines live instrumental music with interactive performances and a playful teaching approach. The main goal of Rhythmic Couple is to show that everyone can play rhythms and enjoy the benefits of music, regardless of their experience level. They use inspiring rhythmic games to engage everyone and help them achieve small successes.

Musical exercises can bring you joy, freedom of self-expression, and inspiration for life. Rhythm is a fantastic language of communication and one of the most important elements in the world of music. Learning rhythm with Alex and Vlada, The Rhythmic Couple, will provide you with pleasure and useful rhythmic skills. In this course, you will develop your sense of rhythm, coordination, focus, and memory. You’ll learn fun tricks that you can perform to surprise your friends, teachers, and family members. Alex and Vlada will share their creative spirit and playful approach not only to music but also to life.

Enjoy and have fun!

Body Drumming

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

14 Sessions

Body Drumming (English)

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Session (14)

  1. Body Drumming
    1. 1. Basic Sounds of Body Drumming
    2. 2. Lets Add some Snaps
    3. 3. Sound of Your Belly
    4. 4. Singing Rhythm, Playing Rhythm
    5. 5. The Shape of 3
    6. 6. The Shape of 3
    7. 7. Combining Shape of 3 and 5
    8. 8. Rhythm in 6 Counts - Part 1
    9. 9. Rhythm in 6 Counts - Part 2
    10. 10. Rhythmic Sequence 1 - Part A
    11. 11. Rhythmic Sequence 1 - Part B
    12. 12. Rhythmic Sequence 1 - Part C
    13. 13. Rhythmic Sequence 2 - Part A
    14. 14. Rhythmic Sequence 2 - Part B