Mansi Lal Sawant

Build your Business Image

Mansi Lal Sawant is India’s top BI (Business Image) expert.  She helps individuals and organisations develop their Business Image. Her vision is to help each of her countrymen achieve their goals easier, faster, smoother by deploying competent Image solutions. Her mission is to work with those who desire to give themselves a competitive edge in their professional, personal and social life. She’s an ISO certified Image Consultant. Mansi has a previous work experience of a decade in HR (Human Resources).


Mansi has trained the entire spectrum of career-minded professionals beginning from first year post graduate students to CXOs. Her training style is lucid and compelling. All her workshops are customised to client requirements. She listens to clients with rapt attention to grasp their needs, thus developing content that is most suited to them. This attention to details makes her workshops irresistible.

Mansi has worked with various industries like Corporates, Education, Films, Sports, Projects, Social Benefit, Architecture


Educational Qualifications & Certifications:

       MHRDM (Masters in Human Resource Development & Management) from SIMSR

       ICP (Image Consulting Partner) from ICBI


Training Experience:

 In the last 6 years Mansi has trained more than 5,100 participants

Business Image

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

12 Sessions

Business Image (Hindi)

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Session (12)

  1. Build Your Business Image
    1. 1. Introduction to BI (Business Image)
    2. 2. Business Etiquette
    3. 3. Social Graces - Intl. Adaptation
    4. 4. Public Speaking & Presentation
    5. 5. Business Communication
    6. 6. Body Language
    7. 7. Dining Etiquette
    8. 8. Social Media Image
    9. 9. Business Dressing - Formal & Casual
    10. 10. Colors - Business & Social
    11. 11. Selfcare, Accessories, Footwear
    12. 12. Business Image for Students