Ricardo Walker

MJ Tribute Artist

  • Since childhood, Ricardo has been a fan and has always liked to imitate his idol Michael Jackson, but it was all just for fun and for family and friends. When the king of pop passed away in 2009, Ricardo was 15 years old, who decided to honor Michael by recording his first dancing video, and things started to happen naturally because of his love and dedication to the art of the greatest artist of all time.

  • 13 years have passed and Ricardo has become the biggest Michael Jackson impersonator on YouTube worldwide, reaching the unprecedented mark of more than 1 million subscribers and more than 256 million views with his viral videos. In addition to a strong online presence, Ricardo Walker was invited to dance for Michael Jackson's own father (Joseph Jackson) and was praised and applauded. He participated in all the biggest TV shows in Brazil (his country of origin), even reaching the final of the biggest talent show in Latin America.

  • Ricardo toured Europe and Latin America performing in tribute to Michael on the Grand Mistral cruise ship, totalling over 30 shows on this tour.

  • There are countless shows and concerts that Ricardo has performed around Brazil, including many of them being charitable to honor the principles of the legacy of the King of Pop himself.

  • At the end of 2021, Ricardo Walker and his team had the honor of performing at the biggest theatre/palace in Russia in a mega concert, inside the State Kremlin Palace.

  • Ricardo lived for 2 years in Los Angeles, where he perfected his art in dance with the best names in the market: Matt Steffanina, Les Twins, Anthony Thomas (choreographer of Michael's sister), Poppin John, Nonstop, Marie Poppins and even one of the dancers of the Michael Jackson himself as: Misha Gabriel.

  • Today at 28 years old, Ricardo already carries a great history in the artistic environment, both online and in person, and will always continue to carry the art of Michael Jackson forward with much love, professionalism and dedication.

    "MasterClass Evolution" is a unique program for MJ lovers to learn dancing

    and moving like MJ, learn the top 12 songs of MJ and detailed choreography

    by none other than Ricardo Walker - Exclusively on The Masters

Dance like MJ

Rs 7500/- Rs 1500/-

12 Sessions

Dance like MJ (English)

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  • Fri, 12-Apr-2024
    VPES 11

Session (12)

  1. Masterclass Evolution
    1. 1. Dont Stop
    2. 2. Beat It
    3. 3. Thriller
    4. 4. Billy Jean
    5. 5. The Way
    6. 6. Bad - Michael Jackson
    7. 7. Smooth
    8. 8. Remember
    9. 9. Black or White
    10. 10. They Don't Care
    11. 11. BAD
    12. 12. You Rock