Kavira (Rapper)

Rapper | Lyricist | Performer

Kavira - Rapper &Lyricist

A talented Rapper, who started his journey in Meerut (UP) with a dream he had seen for himself, to communicate his thoughts and stories to the world through RAP.

Embarked on his journey, he is a self made Rapper who learnt the nuances of Rapping without any professional guidance but only by sheer passion to succeed in his dream career.  

Currently he is a successful full-time Rapper in the Bollywood Industry in Mumbai, with lot of successful content to his credit.  He has been working with a lot of Music Producers, helping them include unique Rap stories in their videos and also creating cover versions of popular International tracks with his unique style.

Kavira can rap in English and Hindi. With an active subscriber base of 1.85 lacs and over 13 million Youtube views, he is one of the fastest growing Rap artist of acclaim.

He has performed for several big events of corporates like the Mahindras, Johnson & Johnson and other multinationals.  He has also been performing for popular TV shows like Dance+, on Star TV for Mumbai Indians and many more.

Now you have a unique opportunity to learn the art of Rapping in simple yet effective steps defined by the Rapper himself, Kavira Sparsh - Exclusively on "The Masters"

Rapping Basics

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

9 Sessions

Rapping Basics (English)

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Session (9)

  1. Basics of Rap
    1. 1. Introduction to Rap
    2. 2. Elements of Rap
    3. 3. Rap Structure Components
    4. 4. Framing of Rap Structure
    5. 5. Write your Rap Story - Part 1
    6. 6. Write your Rap Story - Part 2
    7. 7. Enhance your Rap Speed
    8. 8. How to Rap in Rhyme
    9. 9. ~Introduction to Advanced Rap