Manjeera Ganguly

Playback Singer | Reality TV Star

Manjeera Ganguly is a dynamic and versatile Playback Singer from Bollywood.  She was always poised to be a singer and has been connect with music since the age of 5 when she started to learn nuances of singing and slowly graduated to learn Hindustani Classical Singing over the years.

She hails from a musical family from Kolkata and eventually she made her way to Mumbai the land of dreams and she was a prominent contestant in popular TV reality shows like SaReGaMaPa, Indian Idol, XFactor, SaReGaMaPa Bangla and Musically Yours.

She is also professionally trained in Western Classical singing and this blend of two genres has given her the edge in the Industry. She has shared stage and performed worldwide with almost all the big names of Bollywood and also done Playback for movies in over 10 languages.

Manjeera has been mentoring lot of upcoming singers in the Industry and now she is here to share her knowledge and experience, give you exclusive tips on how to become a good singer and a successful playback singer.

Playback Singing

Rs 3000/- Rs 1500/-

10 Sessions

Playback Singing (English)

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Session (10)

  1. Playback Singing Basics
    1. 1. Introduction to Singing
    2. 2. Introduction to Notes and Octaves
    3. 3. Rhythm (or Taal), Tempo & practice techniques
    4. 4. Alankars and their Importance
    5. 5. Increase Singing Range, Breathing Techniques
    6. 6. Progression in Alankars, Jumping Notes
    7. 7. Voice Modulation Techniques
    8. 8. Western Singing Styles & Tonality Exercises
    9. 9. Dynamics, Expressions, Chromatic notes
    10. 10. 10 Thaats, Culmination of Basics
  2. Live Lessons